SEO Specialist

Ahmad Ali

Ahmad is a recent Business Marketing and Management graduate with a passion for digital marketing and communications. Ahmad has always had an interest in marketing and how it can be applied within multiple areas of a business to create improvements and growth.

Ahmad comes equipped with experience as a Customer Service Manager as well as a Marketing and Communications Assistant in a professional field. Understanding the importance of creating a strong bond with clients, he is constantly looking at new and innovative ways to be able to assist clients towards their SEO goals.

When briefly learning about SEO, Ahmad was eager to learn more about the processes revolving around SEO and just how important it is to an organisation’s website. It was through this research that he stumbled upon StudioHawk and was keen to begin his SEO journey.

Now working within the field of SEO, Ahmad is ecstatic at all of the moving parts that make up the digital marketing process of SEO and is using these to create amazing results. He loves to understand the nature of organisations and aims to work with a wide range of industries to assist in their growth and dominance within their field.

When Ahmad is not at work you will find him at the gym, catching up with friends or spontaneously going on roadtrips around Victoria.

Ahmad Ali