SEO Specialist

Yadana Aye

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce/Arts, majoring in Marketing and Journalism, Yadana worked in various industries, allowing her to gain skills in collaboration and managing client relationships.  She found that she was missing something in life and stumbled across SEO and StudioHawk. After speaking to the managers, she knew this was her calling as it involves being analytical and creative, two things that she always wanted in her career path. StudioHawk and its culture encompass everything Yadana has hoped for in a job.

As an SEO Specialist, Yadana creates an open space to communicate honestly with both her teammates and clients. Together, she will ensure that goals will be met and that the right strategies will be formulated to cater to the needs of a business.

When Yadana isn’t working, she enjoys exploring new places/restaurants (let her know if you have any recommendations!), creating art, hanging out with friends, and most importantly sleeping. Yadana believes in constant learning to develop more skills and expertise.