SEO Specialist

Thomas Insole

Tom is one of StudioHawk’s SEO Specialists, having been fortunate to join the team almost immediately after graduating from his major in Digital Advertising Technology at Swinburne University of Technology. 

While at uni, he specialised in digital content creation and advertising technology. He was introduced to SEO in his first year, and maintained the interest through his studies. He was drawn to StudioHawk by the team’s passion for growth and development in their industry and their friendly, tight-knit culture.

Before StudioHawk, he worked at the supermarket checkout as well as various other student-y gigs, where he quickly picked up on what makes an excellent customer experience, wisdom he will not soon forget. He recently interned with a digital ad tech company during the stage 4 lockdown of 2020, where he cemented his enthusiasm for the ad tech industry, without ever having to leave his room. 

He is excited to deep-dive into all the industries and aspects of SEO StudioHawk can throw at him. He particularly enjoys the technical side, picking apart websites in audits for improvements and opportunities. He likes to see SEO as a hidden store of potential for websites, and feels very accomplished when he can help with that.

Outside of work, Tom hopes to make some continued use of his content creation background and start churning out some more projects as a hobby. He also enjoys walking his dogs and hopes to bring one into the office one day to meet the other office dogs. But deep down, he knows that while his team’s dogs are calm and well behaved, bringing in his own would probably leave him with a large bill of some kind.