SEO Director

Rick Pantas

Rick is an SEO Director at StudioHawk and a master of all trades. As well as being an SEO Director and working on campaigns, Rick is also part of the StudioHawks Backlink Team. This team manages each individual backlink campaign for our clients, which is an integral process that involves a heavy amount of research to understand each client’s business as well as their goals. He works alongside Hendrick and Taylor to ensure smooth communication with each Account Manager on their client’s backlink process.

Rick also is a great talker and you can often find him having a chat with his clients, mostly about the trajectory of their SEO campaigns, but if AFL comes up he will more than happily oblige. This talent has also encouraged leads to turn into long term clients as clear communication and a strong relationship is truly valuable for people both client-side and service side. Rick can help you get into a BAU point where you can have full trust in resources month to month.

On Fridays, you’ll find him clocking off right at 5 o’clock to enjoy the office’s Whiskey Club, where apparently you swirl your glass around and taste expensive dirt? Often, if you call out his name to grab his attention you’ll have to also give him a wave, as he is usually listening to some sporting podcast.

This is a photo of Rick