SEO Specialist

Raghave Gupta

Raghave, also known as “Raggy”, is a SEO Specialist at StudioHawk. He was instantly drawn to the organic work culture and values that StudioHawk stands for. He is also currently pursuing a Bachelors in Economics at Swinburne University, a field of study that has always caught his eye.

After working in the eCommerce industry since his early teenage days, Raghave was fascinated about the endless opportunities that the industry could provide. During lockdown, he found himself researching careers in the industry and found SEO to be the perfect fit. The balance between technical and creative is what attracted Raghave to pursue a career in SEO. His interests currently resides in technical SEO, but also does find himself enjoying content creation. He has a keen interest in developing his knowledge in all fields of SEO so that he can create unique campaigns tailored to each client’s necessities.

Before joining StudioHawk, Raghave had extensive experience in retail and eCommerce, specifically in the men’s grooming and fashion industry. Working in retail and eCommerce gave him an insight into consumer behaviour and what they want when they shop online. He applies this knowledge in campaigns in order to help clients succeed in the industry.

When not at StudioHawk, you can find Raghave playing golf, eating fancy burgers or Chicken Parmi’s, hanging out with friends, or having martinis at a bar on Friday nights.