SEO Specialist

Lucas Boreham

With more than 2 years of experience working as an SEO specialist, Lucas strives to support & develop websites ranging from small service-based businesses to international ecommerce giants. Moreover, he has managed the proposal and audit processes through the company, as well as onboarding and innovating in the proposal process to improve the company’s overall conversion rate. He has now since toned that down to focus purely on his SEO, as with SGE on the horizon, it’s unwise to not devote all my time to Google.

As far as his own accounts and what he enjoys most, he loves results. Lucas is extremely results-driven, and he is willing to drop everything for his clients if they need it. In addition, he has pushed himself to work on-site and optimize websites regardless of CMS. The fact that he has delved into website development has helped him give wings to his strategies, and have driven his results sky high.

His knowledge of Google Tag manager has also matured over time, as every user movement can be tracked once they enter a site, it’s just a matter of how.

Besides StudioHawk, Lucas loves cars, so he has found a niche in automotive websites and technology, building his own PC’s.

Lucas Boreham 2023