SEO Specialist

Jamie McGloin

As an SEO Specialist Jamie has been a breath of fresh air to the StudioHawk team. Coming in with both content creation and IT background he is growing and working towards providing a detailed and comprehensive SEO strategy.

His expertise with CMS’ such as WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace has helped progress SEO campaigns as he builds on his onsite skills on more advanced SEO issues. Currently, Jamie leads the auditing and proposal process, this involves communicating to the team to produce time frames and deadlines as well as focusing on White Hat SEO methods to identify what a campaign needs to prioritise first to produce the most desired results. 

Jamie is currently heading up the training of Google Tag Manager implementation and auditing as he continues to learn more about the benefits of tracking user interactions so we can provide these results and findings to our clients. 

Jamie enjoys spending time with his dog, going for bike rides and playing with his band. He is always up for a laugh and has pulled off the most legendary pranks at StudioHawk going to extreme levels of details to fool his victims. If you’re looking for the office larrikin you’ve found it here.

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