SEO Specialist

Erin Murnane

Erin is a SEO Specialist at StudioHawk and Account Manager, working with the team to provide support and insights for our clients. Her strengths in communications help her gain a thorough understanding of our client’s needs, whether it’s as straightforward as driving more organic traffic to a site or providing advice on migration and restructuring. Erin looks into producing the best possible campaign for each individual client, she enjoys working with ecommerce websites across a variety of industries with a particular interest in boutique food and beverage companies. Her favoured approach to SEO is to ensure that each client has a tailored campaign focused on their needs.  

Before joining StudioHawk Erin had worked across a range of industries, in a number of countries from health to hospitality, she draws on her wealth of personal and professional experiences to personalise projects and website development. She also understands the pressures of running a small business having previously set up and conquered her own range of porridge, selling these at local markets and retailers and curating her own e-commerce website. This is still a passion of Erin’s and the team encourages and motivates Erin to continue this project. As you may have guessed, Erin love’s to cook. With a background as a Dietitian she enjoys creating healthy  fresh meals using fresh produce grown and gathered from her family’s farm.  The team are often envious of her fresh and colourful lunches, hearing of her latest ‘self sufficient’ project and can never pass up her invite for a cuppa tea! 

This is a photo of Erin