Marketing Coordinator

Corey M. Glamuzina

Mr. Glamuzina joined StudioHawk to combine their creative background with the world of SEO, and is responsible for creative video content, campaigns, and general ‘Glam’ based twists on content and communications.

Corey is a trained Melbourne-based actor, writer, and filmmaker originally hailing from Aotearoa. Playing roles as iconic as Iago, to the comedic extravagance of Prince George in a staged production of Blackadder The Third, or an amalgamation of the two as Hudson in Shakespeare Aliens, they love nothing more than to deep dive into character and perform to the masses.

When not on stage, they are behind the helm writing, marketing, producing, and directing creative works, including one-person shows, fully staged theatre shows, original musicals, screenplays, and novel manuscripts. They are also an ensemble member for a number of improvisational troupes around the city.

Corey Glamuzina 2023