SEO Specialist

Caleb Harward

Caleb Harward is an SEO Specialist working for StudioHawk, the largest dedicated SEO agency in Australia.

Caleb has a Bachelors degree in Media & Communication from Swinburne University as well as a a Postgraduate certificate in marketing also from Swinburne University. Caleb Loves digital marketing and Is particularly interested in The Content Side Of SEO. While at Studiohawk Caleb has strived to innovate how both clients and his colleagues look at content SEO.

He has also previously worked as a Freelance social media and digital marketing manager. Understanding these other important marketing channels has allowed him to help advise his clients when making decisions on their overall marketing strategy. 

Caleb Loves working across many different niches and industries within Australia & abroad. During his time at Studiohawk, he has been very successful working with everyone from large e-commerce clients like Pet Stock or Just Sunnies all the way to service-based businesses like Crimcheck & The Entourage.

Caleb’s Content skills have led him to succeed at Enterprise SEO, E-commerce SEO, Small Business SEO, and Search Intent Research

When not doing SEO, Caleb is a diehard Essendon Fan, who also loves travelling, exploring Melbourne’s nightlife and outdoor sports!

If you’d ever like to get in contact with Caleb, feel free to email or add him on LinkedIn.