SEO Specialist

Caleb Harward

Caleb is a recent graduate of a Communications Degree and is currently undergoing a Masters in Marketing from Swinburne University.
During his years at university, Caleb developed a passion for branding, social media and digital marketing.  Caleb’s passion for digital marketing grew into a business (or side-hustle, as he would say) in which he helped local small business navigate the digital landscape.

Over the past few years, Caleb was able to help many businesses achieve their goals through social media, branding and paid advertising. Caleb found he had a natural ability to understand what makes a business tick and knew what techniques to employ to help businesses achieve their goals. During his time working in social media, Caleb found that many of his clients needed their SEO fixed and that he didn’t know enough about SEO to help them. Being a naturally curious person, this is where Caleb’s SEO journey began.

Fast forward 18 months, and Caleb is now an SEO specialist. Taking the time to learn on his own and from the wonderfully talented people at Studiohawk, Caleb is now an SEO Gun! He still uses his understanding of branding and marketing to help his clients, but now he solely focuses on SEO. Caleb loves figuring out the puzzle that is SEO and delivering tangible results to his clients. Known for his easy-going attitude and love of conversation, Caleb is a dream to work with on campaigns.

In his downtime, you can find Caleb down at the beach having a surf, playing football, or enjoying a couple of beers with friends.