SEO Specialist

Brooke Fitzgerald

Brooke joined us at StudioHawk in a bid to transfer her marketing knowledge over into the SEO sector. She is currently eagerly focusing on technical SEO, content strategy, and client relations.

In Brooke’s last role as a Marketing Manager, she directed projects and campaigns consisting of media shoots, digital content creation, website redesign, and marketing material design. During this experience, she was exposed to an SEO agency and took a huge interest in SEO strategy. Brooke found herself inspired by the structure, culture, and values of StudioHawk as a company and just had to join the team.

In the past, Brooke has worked in many industries across many different roles including Management, Administration, and Customer Service, which has helped her develop exceptional soft skills like customer care and problem-solving skills. She welcomes any and all client communication as she enjoys people and building strong relationships.

In her spare time, Brooke has many interests including anything creative and of a spiritual nature, writing, music, and astrology.

Brooke Fitzgerald