SEO Specialist

Andy Rong

A neuroscience major turned marketing communications and management graduate, Andy encountered SEO not long after completing his Bachelors degree. Realising that marketing is the perfect culmination between theoretical application, analytics, and creativity, it was a no brainer that led him to his Masters in Marketing Communications. He navigated through social media management to media buying and is now in the SEO rabbit hole.

Andy enjoys onsite and technical SEO as they are both analytical yet creative in nature. What drew him to StudioHawk is the collaborative and mentoring culture. Always teaching and learning to adapt to the changing nature that is the algorithm.

On an ideal weekend, you’ll find Andy driving through country roads with friends (consisting of gigabytes worth of automotive photography), wandering through trails, then stuffing his face full of delicious foods that range from staple dishes to the outlandish. He is always open to recommendations.