SEO Specialist

Ali Matkowsky

Ali’s journey began with StudioHawk at the beginning of 2019, where she started off as a Junior SEO Specialist. Now, she’s become a full-fledged SEO Specialist and is part of StudioHawk’s backlink team, working to manage individual backlink profiles for our clients and coordinating with websites and blogs to acquire the best backlinks. Ali’s responsibilities range from account management to helping train our Junior SEO Specialists and everything else in between.

On working at StudioHawk, Ali says:

“I have never worked in a job I love this much, and with such amazing people. Every day is different and there are always new challenges and opportunities in this industry. I love working on a diverse range of campaigns, from small businesses to larger eCommerce stores and everything in between. With a passion for helping small businesses, I am always keen to provide recommendations for content optimisation for our clients.”

In her spare time, you’ll find Ali spending time with her adorable baby, Milla, and constantly talking about what food she’ll eat next or what restaurant she wants to try next.

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