SEO Specialist

Aidan Michael

After completing Marketing & Digital Advertising Degree at University, Aidan naturally fell into SEO after managing some small business e-commerce websites and generating promotional content for artists and some local clothing labels.

An amazing opportunity presented itself at StudioHawk and he is loving every day with the cast. Learning more and more about the ever evolving world of SEO has been an amazing experience because it is an industry that requires creativity and innovation to be successful.

Aidan loves to work directly with his clients ranging from smaller businesses all the way up to enterprise clients. It’s amazing to have exposure to such a broad range of clients and people every day truly making every day different. Aidan loves figuring out the most effective changes and improvements that can be made to websites to help them grow as a company. It’s truly a good feeling help someone else grow. 

When he’s not at work, you’ll find Aidan listening to music, riding his bike or catching up with friends.

This is a photo of Aidan