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Catamaran Charters

WordPress // SEO

Catamaran Charters was made to achieve two things – a modern design, and a simple interface.

It’s important that a high end chartering company looks their best – and that’s what we went for. Easy to read pricing tables, and easy to find information, make this the ultimate chartering website.

DPS Engineers


DPS Engineers needed to redo their web presence to build reputation.

We set out to make a website that featured their simplistic colour scheme, while making as modern and easy to use as we could.

This features an exclusive system for sorting through portfolio items and allows the user to filter through particular items with ease.

University High Careers

WordPress // Events

University High School wanted to bring their newsletter to the web. We provided a simplistic interface for users to quickly and easily find information on the go, no matter what device they were on.

Not only is the website simple for the users, the website features a custom calendar that can be quickly and easily edited by staff, no tech know-how required.

Artform Landscaping

Still in development

This just goes to show that even small businesses can gain from having a modern website.

We launched Scott’s website with the idea of allowing users to quickly and easily see his gallery of work, as well as allowing them to access it on the go from mobile.

The end result was a website that not only looks good, but works well.

White Star Collections

Magento // eCommerce

White Star Collections came to us because they wanted to launch a consumer website, where people could quickly and easily purchase things online.

We walked them through every step of the way, through importing thousands of products to their website, to ensuring that the website could be used easily by staff.



WordPress // eCommerce // Release Embargo

The first thing that we were told when we worked on this site was that it had to be aggressive and in your face. Naturally we chose black and red – which really makes it unique from a lot of websites and really fits in with what they are trying to do.

Stratska’s website works on all kinds of devices, and will be launching soon.



Boatschool aims to deliver an easy registration system for people looking to do their Victorian Marine Licence. To do this, a few hurdles had to be overcome; we had to create a form that users could quickly and easily enter data into, but at the same time, have that data transported to a form that could be printed out quickly by Boatschool staff. Our solution was to provide an easy form for users, and to export that data into another form that was then printed by staff.

Shoot us a message or give us a call – nothing is too big or small.

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