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Sitting Pretty


Sitting Pretty At The Top!

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Organic traffic YoY Increase

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 Increase in keyword base

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New Keywords in Top 3



Target Audience & Strategy

Target: Position Sitting Pretty as a leading Halo Hair Extension retailer in generic searches within Google in Australia. Eventually becoming a face for thin hair care as the business expands.

Strategy: The beginning stages were cleaning up the website, which has many technical issues. We focused on identifying key issues with website build, page/site speed, discussing international SEO and a possible new website, and content including repurposing blogs, creating blogs, adding content to specific pages to help boost them.

CHallenges & Success

Tied Up in a Knot

As a result of the CRO update, Sitting Pretty had lost over 50% of organic traffic in over a two-week period, which was worrying for any business. Using Google Search Console, we were able to determine that the loss of traffic came from Sitting Pretty’s blog pages. Sitting Pretty prides itself on its blog, which were major drivers of organic traffic and because of this sudden loss in traffic, it severely impacted the business’s visibility in the SERPs.

By diving deeper, we realised that Google couldn’t crawl the blog pages due to the CRO update, and as a solution, we reverted the website to the old theme, re-implemented website changes and re-released blog posts that were impacted.

Running Smoothly

Taylor noticed a huge opportunity for Sitting Pretty – building out collections pages for products. The website was initially set up with Tag pages, which housed all of the products, and as the Tag pages were unable to be changed, edited or improved, it created a roadblock as we weren’t able to make any SEO changes.

By building out these collections pages, we had more freedom to implement SEO strategies, such as on-page content and internal linking.

Hitting the Pause Button

Unfortunately in February 2021, Sitting Pretty needed to pause the SEO campaign. Through the relationship we had built with Logan, he had intended to come back to StudioHawk once he was in a better position to do so.

Let’s Hit Play

When May came around, Sitting Pretty was back and ready to go, we immediately we kicked off where we left it and got to tackling page speed as that update to the algorithm was coming in a few months.


  • A 206% increase in organic traffic compared YoY
  • 91% growth in organic keywords compared YoY
  • 1300+ New Keywords in the Top 3 Results.