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This is a dedicated SEO & Digital Strategist role, in a dedicated SEO agency. 

You won’t be doing PPC, or social media advertising here.

You will be joining a team of over 40 SEO specialists in the company and leading the charge in sharing what makes SEO so great both internally and externally.

We are the largest SEO team in Australia, and have been awarded the best large SEO Agency in the World at the global search awards. 

Working with us you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals focused on career growth and SEO awesome. 

You don’t have to justify your existence with an in-house role, or wrangle with account managers and immense workloads at a full service agency. 

You don’t have to deal with customers who were sold an SEO promise and have been given an SEO lemon.

We don’t have a sales team. 

Each individual SEO specialist is essentially their own mini-agency and networking hub within the business where they generate their OWN leads and increase THEIR salary within our generous uncapped commission structure. 

We have SEO specialists who know what they’re doing and what they’re talking about, who speak with current and prospective clients, with that honesty and transparency of – I am the person who walks the walk. 

This model of working was designed for SEO from the ground up, built for SEO specialists, like you.

To find out if you’re the best fit for us. Are you…

  • A creative thinking and like to think outside of the box
  • Always looking for personal and professional progression
  • Someone that enjoys meeting new people and building relationships
  • An enthusiastic team player
  • Fascinated by the world of digital marketing 
  • Looking to be apart of a high growth agency on the bleeding edge of innovation
  • Tenacious and resilient; able to think on your feet when thrown in the deep end
  • Able to write emails, correspond on phone calls and internal & external meetings 

StudioHawk Brand Values


Be hardworking and enjoy what you do. Helping your team and clients is exciting, and you’re a game changer, mover, and a shaker – work shouldn’t feel like work. 


Passion is infectious. Show how passionate you are and let it bleed into conversation with friends, clients, and colleagues.

Eager to Seize Opportunity

Think outside the box. When you see an opportunity, take it. Provided it passes your win/win test.

Now that we know everything about you, here’s more about us:

StudioHawk is a rapidly growing, specialised SEO agency based in Melbourne & London.

We are constantly striving to push the boundaries of organic search and create outcomes worth celebrating with the team. 

We have been awarded Semrush’s Agency of the Year, the Global Search Awards Best Large Agency, as well as over 20+ other awards for campaigns we have run in the APAC Search Awards, and in the UK search awards. 

Essentially, our SEO is Three Michelin Stars 👌 

For more information on how we strategies and provide results for out clients see our case studies –

The Perks:

  • Clear progression pathways – We have a clear career progression with StudioHawk, through specialisation and becoming a senior of the agency.
  • Modern working environment – We don’t work in a stuffy office full of beige cubicles. We’re currently located in a refurbished warehouse in Prahran with another new office currently being refurbished!
  • Healthy Office Lifestyle
    • Weekly Personal Training Sessions
    • Wednesday healthy breakfast supplied
    • Mental health programs available with 3 x free sessions
    • Monthly Physiotherapy sessions 
  • Monthly team events – We have monthly team events! Some past events include cork and canvas, archery attack, game (In-person Mafia) & pizza nights, and pottery.
  • Commissions – Be rewarded for bringing business to StudioHawk. SEO Specialists attain 10% of any sale or campaign investment increase they close. The potential for being well paid is almost limitless.
  • Pet-friendly office – We gave Basil, our Doggo In Charge, but you can bring your pets to the office as well. If they love other people and scratches behind the ear, they’re welcome at StudioHawk.

Look after the Cast

We are looking for people from all backgrounds, whether you have an unsatisfying in-house role with limited growth, or are coming from a full-service agency where SEO is just not seen as a priority and you are drowning in stress.

While we are looking for experience, we are looking for GOOD experience. You might only have one year’s experience in SEO, it can count for that 3 years everyone is always asking for. Apply anyway. If we see potential in you, the years won’t matter.

Sounds intriguing thus far? Keep reading to learn exactly what the Role entails

  • Independently creating and leading SEO campaign strategies 
  • Comfortable working with a range of clients including business owners, marketing managers, website merchandisers and content creators 
  • Clear communication with clients via emails, phone calls, Zoom and in-person meetings
  • Directing SEO campaigns and identifying opportunities for growth
  • Writing and creating monthly reports for clients
  • Advanced proposals and auditing
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Deep dive traffic analysis and forensic SEO auditing
  • Heading up a small to medium-sized website migration strategies
  • Work with large companies on international SEO strategies 
  • Offsite optimisation strategies and link analysis
  • Intermediate onsite changes (301 migrations, heading tag fixes)
  • Installing and checking tracking codes
  • Training and assisting juniors and other members of the team to grow and develop
  • Assisting Senior Managers with rolling out internal strategies
  • Opportunity to grow SEO skills into a senior level by leading SEO campaigns for some of the largest enterprise companies in the country

Where we want to see you in two years:

  • Be one of the leading SEO specialists in the world, working on world class campaigns and potentially leading your own team.
  • Winning globally recognised awards for your epic SEO campaigns.
  • On an industry leading salary package (100K+) based on performance and profit share.

StudioHawk is located in a prime location just off Chapel Street, in a beautifully converted warehouse. 

Currently, we are working between offices & remotely, with most of our time spent in the office. 

What’s next? We need to see your hunger, your passion, and your eagerness to join the cast:

  1. Write a cover letter that discusses what excites you most about the role, was it our perks, our case studies, our staff’s good looks? It can be anything! Talk about what it takes to be a Hawk.
  2. In this letter, tell us what your favourite hobby is and why (so we can weed out people that didn’t read this!).
  3. Attach your CV or anything that makes you stand out

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