The Best or the Worst, All About April 21st

Mark it down in your calendar – April 21st – Whether you website is responsive or not, it’s going to be a big day. What’s the Big Deal? April 21st is the date Google starts to factor in responsiveness – aka how well your website works on mobiles – into their Search Engine Result Position […]

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Responsive Design and You

As we move into 2015 it’s the perfect time to address “Responsive Web Design”. The Story So Far – Before we get into it, let’s start by defining what we actually mean when we say “Responsive Web Design”. Responsive Web Design is a rather new term that has been brought about due to the increase in […]

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7 Reasons why a web page is better than a Facebook Page

Facebook isn’t really designed very well for people to discover your product, unless you’re paying for ads. Independently run web sites can be custom-tailored to your business, meaning (if done properly) they can show off the strengths of your product, whereas Facebook is mainly for socialising with your customer base.

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